AER300 - Automatic Enamel Rater

The AER300 Automatic Enamel Rater has been in production for several years and has been well received by the industry. As with all of Ovec’s products it is continually being improved, often in some small, minor ways but in our opinion that’s the sign of a quality product. The System was redeveloped a number of years ago to reduce the maintenance required with the original Stainless Steel Test Head by introducing an Acetal equivalent.

AER300 Front View

AER300 Test Chamber

Ovec have actually just completed a refurbishment program where a group of plants have participated in a leap frog affair which saw a lot of movement of AER300 Automatic Enamel Rater between sites while the systems came back home to Scotland for a bit of TLC. The reason for the leap frog affair? None of the plants participating in the upgrade would let their system leave without another Ovec AER300 Automatic Enamel Rater being available to test their can ends, perhaps there may be some biases but that says a lot about customer belief in the system.


The latest development for the AER300 Automatic Enamel Rater is the Service mode graphical interface, allowing quick and easy fault finding by showing each stage of the test cycle being stepped through on the screen along with all critical digital readouts improving diagnostics. It would be unrealistic to say that faults don’t occur and not to expect them, it’s the ease of finding them that is critical.