AES - Automatic End Samplers

The AES Automatic End Sampler is primarily designed to collect a representative sample of Ends for off-line testing on the Ovec AET6000 micro leak detector, from presses without an on-line leak detection facility, and can be used with other off-line gauges.

Samples are ejected from each conveyer lane, using PLC controls, and are stacked ready for transportation to off-line test facilities. The AES is available in three different models to suit different End making plants:

AES1200 – for two lane conveyers
AES1800 – for three lane conveyers
AES2400 – for four lane conveyers

Key Benefits:

  • Supplies a representative sample of Ends
  • Available for all beverage End sizes
  • Adjustable sample rates up to 5% of Ends per lane
  • Industry standard Allen Bradley or Siemens PLC control
  • Easy operation, minimal operator input required
  • Low maintenance and excellent serviceability
  • Transfer tubes to move ends to off-line test equipment e.g. AET6000
  • Custom made kick off systems to suit individual plants
  • Small footprint required, allowing the system to fit neatly along side any conveyer.
  • Competitively priced offering excellent value for money
  • Facility to insert marker End after a pre-determined count of Ends e.g. standard bag

AES 1200

AES 1800

Typical Installation

Marker System