AET6000 - Offline Micro Leak Detector

Typical AET6000 Install

Features and benefits:

  • Genuine Micro Leak Test (3x10-6 cc/
  • Suits all Beverage
  • Suits 63 – 73mm Food Ends (other sizes upon applicat
  • One or two test modules - Dual module allows testing of two different s
  • Tests up to 3000 Ends / Hour / Mo
  • Fully automatic opera
  • No operator judgment requ
  • No End preparation requ
  • Automatic self calibration, using traceable reference leaks, at user definable inter
  • Automatic reject logging & ejec
  • Results on local colour dis
  • Optional PC data collec
  • Non-destructive test - good Ends can be returned to production ou
  • Low maintenance and excellent serviceabi
  • Self- Diagnos
  • Industry standard Allen Bradley or Siemens PLC con
  • Online sampling available - click here


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